Combined sewage pumping stations produced by ROTONS Ltd. are pre-prepared for installation on site. Pumping stations are available with the following sizes: internal diameter (ID) of 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2300 mm; pumping height: up to 8000 mm. Upon request we can also make larger size bodies.

    The pumping station body is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is more shockproof and allows additional enclosures to be created by welding HDPE pipe or fittings. In the base of the pumping station is an embedded 12-18 cm thick reinforced concrete layer, which serves as a mounting plate for strengthening the pump and as ballast. Thanks to the steady construction and concrete base, the pumping station can be easily installed in the foundation ditch (no need to install a pre-prepared concrete slab). Depending on the circumstances, the bottom anchoring of the station with concrete ring or top anchoring with concrete ring or lintel may be carried out. Pumping stations can be equipped with a ladder, mounting platform, incoming jet arrester, coarse fractions filter, forced ventilation, etc. ROTONS Ltd. makes pumping stations for installation in green zones or below driveways.


    High-profile buildings fitted with ROTONS manufactured pumping stations in Latvia:


    •          Olympic Centre in Daugavpils. Pumping station ID2000, H3500 installed under the driveway.

    •          Jelgava. Pumping station ID2300, H4500.

    •          Salacgrīva. Dual-chamber pumping station with separate valve chamber, ID2300, H4900.

    •          Škoda car dealership in Riga, Kleistu iela. Pumping station ID1500, H3500.


    In Russia:


    •          Kaliningrad, soy trans-shipment terminal Sodružestvo-Soja. Five pumping stations, largest of which ID 2300 H6700. Soil conditions - very hard; swampy soil with a high groundwater level. Pumping mounted between the piles and anchored with top support ring. Assembly carried out without water lowering.

    •          ​Kaliningrad, Avtodor car plant. One pumping station ID2000, H4500. On the site was carried out set-up of additional inlet.


    There are 18 different sizes and compositions sewage pumping stations installed in Kaliningrad.


    ROTONS Ltd. pumping stations are also installed in Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan .