TS50 grease separators are to clean greasy sewage. They are used by cafes and restaurants, hotels, and food (meat, dairy, confectionary) processing companies where grease must be separated from waste water. TS50 prevents grease from getting into the sewer system and pipe clogging.


    TS50 grease separators produced by ROTONS Ltd. are available in full sets for use in connection to a sink. The body and cover are made of polyethylene. The functional unit consists of a tank and wall that separates two chambers - a sedimentation chamber and flotation chamber. At first, water flows into the first chamber, which is used as a sedimentation zone for larger fat components. The water flows beneath the partition walls, the fat remains on the surface, and suspended solids are deposited at the bottom of the tank.

    After grease removal, the fat is collected for disposal, while the treated wastewater can be discharged into the central sewerage system or in biological wastewater treatment plants.



    •         convenient and efficient solution for grease separation;

    •         compact construction;

    •         anti-corrosive;

    •         simple maintenance.


    The only maintenance needed for the grease separator is regular and timely cleaning. Each equipment has a vision hatch with opening for cleaning and a protective cover. Fat in separators is skimmed from the surface of water, and mud slides clean with the help of a special cup.